Phlebotominae NHM Types

A catalogue of the American Phlebotominae (Diptera; Psychodidae) types at the Natural History Museum, London.

About us

Zoe J.O. Adams

Zoe joined the Natural History Museum in London in 1993, and is currently part of the curatorial team looking after the Diptera collections, with particular responsibility for the Simuliidae and Psychodidae collections.

Dr Paloma H.F. Shimabukuro

Paloma Shimabukuro is a researcher at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz/Instituto René Rachou and one of the curators at the sand fly collection (FIOCRUZ/COLFLEB). She has experience in the area of entomology, working mainly on the following topics: vector systematics, medical entomology, eco-epidemiology of infectious diseases .

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